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The Yeandi Directory

The name is derived from the phrase "yet another directory".

Submitting Sites

To submit a site you need to browse to the appropriate category and click the add site link in the top right of the site listing pane.

Not all sites get listed, it's a family friendly directory, aiming to list useful sites - there's no need to submit multiple times - and, unless the site is exceptionally large, it will only be sited in one category.

Category Suggestions

Feel free to make suggestions for further categories - you can email

Link to us

If you would like to link to us that's always appreciated, you can make up your own link, or here's some example links and images you could use (to use the images just right click and select the save option):

<a href="">Yeandi Directory</a>  Simple text link

yeandi directory  Large Logo

yeandi directory  Small Logo

yeandi directory "Listed at" as seen on SiteLibrary


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